About Me

My username is just a hash of my real name, it’s been unique enough that no one else has ever claimed it before me.

My job title is “Software Developer”. Which means most of my work day I spend typing PHP to create the web systems my company uses. But only most of the day, the rest is spent working on the servers, the phone system, the printers, the wireless routers, the giant led message screen out front, and anything else that someone can claim as IT related. I started this site to give a home to all the solutions I’ve found or made to tackle the more interesting issues I encounter. The basic idea is if I spend more then about 5 minutes looking for a solution, then I can hopefully save the next person to look for the same solution the time and effort.

My Job:
The company I to work for is a medium sized contractor in Florida. There are about 150 employees, most are production staff. The remaining 60 or so are staff who either work in administration (Accounting, HR, Customer Service), sales (Retail and Wholesale) and management. Our servers are a mix of Windows and Linux, providing AD, file servers, websites, a phone system and databases. Most of the client desktops are Windows 7 or 8.1 with a few Linux machines in specific roles (and a lone Mac). Physically, we are spread across a four building main campus, with a remote office across town. All said it is a diverse IT job and I get to play with a bit of everything.

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