A rehiring for me

Last year I got laid off from my development job. I then spent 10 months being unemployed and trying to find a new job. I don’t recommend being unemployed, particularly in Florida.

About a month ago, I was contacted by someone from my ex-job. He was looking for a small program to calculate the price of a product line. Normally the price was calculated by hand from the manufacturer’s book. I sat down with VS2013 and SQLite and got to work. Two weeks later I was demonstrating the small utility to a small gathering that happened to include the owner of the company. The following Monday I got a call to come in and I was rehired to my old job.

It’s nice jumping into a job where you are already familiar and knowledgeable with the company and peers. However, a lot of tools and data were lost when I left. It’s been frustrating finding and recovering systems and files from the various servers and hard drives. In addition the new mix of windows and linux development is stretching the very limited resources thin. It’s already taken three days to install and configure one development system.

I haven’t been updating this much since my source of problems to overcome was gone, but my current plan is to finish a few drafts I was working on before my period of unemployment and get them out. By then, I’m sure that I’ll have new things to write about.

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